This is the stomach lining from the ox. Tripe from the smooth first stomach is known as “blanket” or “plain”, from the second stomach as “honeycomb” and from the third as “thick seam”. There is no difference in taste, but the texture varies. Tripe is sold bleached (dressed) and partly boiled.



Ox tongue is the most common and can be bought fresh, pickled or even cooked off of our cooked meat counter.



Usually sold skinned and ready jointed. Can be braised or stewed and forms a rich base for soups.



Lamb and pigs livers can be grilled, fried or used in braised dishes. Ox liver is coarser and more strongly flavoured. Chicken livers are often used to make pate’s.



Ox kidney is many lobed, elongated coarse and has a strong flavour. Pigs and lambs kidneys are “kidney” shaped. They should be cooked quickly to keep them tender, and are most frequently grilled or fried.



Lambs and pigs are usually stuffed and will serve one person.