The classic lamb joint which can be fast roasted or baked slowly. When cut in half the smaller joints are referred to as chump end/fillet or shank-end. The leg can also be boned and stuffed for easier carving. Slices of boneless leg steaks are suitable for frying, grilling or barbecuing.



The end of the leg of lamb, before it becomes loin. Usually cut into chump chops or steaks, but could also be roasted as a small joint.



Can be cut into chops or roasted as a joint. When boned and rolled 2 loins are usually put together to make a larger joint, also ideal for stuffing. Lamb Noisettes are loin slices trimmed up to leave just the eye of the meat. 

Lamb loin on the bone can also be trimmed and prepared into joints such as Rack, Saddle, or Crown Roast for special occasions.



A cheap cut of lamb and rather fatty, but suitable for boning and rolling 2 or 3 together with stuffing.



Cheaper than a leg of lamb and not easy to carve but can be very tender if cooked slower. Bone and roll for roll for easier carving.