Fresh raw meat

Our main supplier for beef, lamb and pork is A. E. Poxon & Sons Ltd. They supply us with "SHIRE MEADOWS BEEF" which, as the name suggests, is sourced from selected farms in the Shire counties. This beef is then matured on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks before being prepared ready for sale. This attention to detail ensures that the product is at its best when sold to the customer and its quality is assured.


Cooked meats

We aim to cook most of our own products fresh each week to control quality and consistency. We cook chickens and loins of pork daily in our barbeque oven.


Fruit and vegetables

We visit Birmingham Wholesale Market 2 or 3 times a week to select our own fruit and vegetables. This also enables us to price the goods competitively. We also purchase local goods when in season.


Fresh fish

Purchased in Birmingham Wholesale Market 2 or 3 times weekly.


Fresh venison, pheasants, rabbits, mallard and partridge

Purchased locally when in season - usually October to March.


Cheeses and Eggs

We stock over 20 varieties of cheeses, mostly purchased in bulk and cut and packed to customers requirements. We source our eggs locally - including Free-Range Eggs.


Chickens, ducks and turkeys

We supply a selection of chickens and chicken products, including Free-Range. Our Christmas Turkeys have been purchased locally for over 25 years.


Fresh flowers and plants

Sourced locally or from Birmingham Wholesale Market. Compare our prices.


Pet foods

Purchased locally in bulk and packed into convenient sizes.



We use 3 or 4 different wholesalers to ensure competitive pricing.


Bread, pies, pasties, buns and cakes

All baked daily on the premises. We NEVER sell our bread the next day because FRESH should mean FRESH. We make many of our own meat pies - including Pork Pies, Pasties, Steak and Kidney, Beef and Onion and Game Pies.


Wood, sticks and coal

All sourced locally.


Compost and growbags

Purchased in bulk for the best price.


Fairtrade products

We sell a range of “Traidcraft” goods, with supplies coming in weekly.


Farm ice cream

A high-quality ice cream produced on a local farm and available in many flavours.